February 27, 2005

Blog Academy Awards

Hunter S. T. cashed in his chips. This got me to thinking about his work and enjoying his blasts of certitude and vision over the repugnant, vaseline quips of cultural hacks. Fact and fiction, at any rate, know no distinctions in the fantasia culture we have inherited from our forepersons. I won't beat around the Bush, folks, we're in a state of serious decay. But this isn't how I wanted to sign on to Blog world after a winter-long hiatus.

Awarded below are 2004's Blog Academy Awards. Don't take it personally if your site's omitted from the list below. There's a baby under my desk right now pulling at the wires of my monitor and so I'm working fast. In the spirit of the day I've asked the Blog Academy to cast their votes, and here they are.


Best Cabinet of Wonders: Woods Lot

Best Blog for Signs of Texas Intelligence and Grace: Texfiles

Best Letters from a Citizen: Kristen Prevallet

Best Political Vitriol: Unrealitycheck

Best Reality Check (tough, committed, always a surprise): Heathens in Heat

Best Literary Round-up with a title derived from an unreadable modernist novel: Herecomeseverybody

Best Look into the post-cheap oil future: Clusterfuck Nation (jameshowardkunstler.typepad.com)

Best Blog to Love to Hate (call it Duncancide or Lit Market Junk Bonds): Ron Silliman

Best Po Lists and Commentary: Hotelpoint

Best Blog Pool Boy: Jonathan Mayhew

Best New Pope Nominees: Lisablog (Jarnot)

Best Blog for Who's Counting: Steve Evans

Best Blog (is it a blog?) for anonymous whiners to complain and avoid book production according to their own terms: foetry

Best Blog for failing to make regular updates: Skanky Possum

Best Blog for Best American Poetry: Unquiet Grave

Best Blog for Being a Kick Ass Publisher and Book Designer and Friend: Snapper's Junk

Best Blog for Sluts: Bookslut.com

Best Blog Prozac: Nick Piombino

Best Genius Digital Agent Provocateur in need of a Blog: Kent Johnson

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