August 03, 2004

Open Eye

Marcia Roberts' new chapbook, Open Eye, is now available from Skanky Possum. Contact me b/c if interested in receiving a review copy. 56 pp. Intro by Tom Clark. $7. Clark writes:

"Open Eye takes as its subject an ending or endings but its procedure is a matter of returnings and beginnings, implying a recognition that the effects of "last things" can in any case never really be foreclosed. Are we not approaching a time when it can be admitted that in talking about a life, any supposed or imposed coherence is a lie? Who can deny that all we have left of anyone is these scattered remembered fragments, dropped stones sinking out of sight beneath the still surface of the once troubled water—while the ripples go on spreading, out and out and out?"

Roberts grew up in South Dakota and has lived in Spain, Maryland, Texas and California. Currently, she lives in San Francisco with her husband Len.

We're proud of this booklet. SPD will have copies in a few weeks. Order direct for now.


remember our fish stew
stuffing spinach in the pot
cod he insisted
your last email
a deposition
did you get the million dollars
before you died? (26)


to understand Vikings we examine remainders
tweezers of bone fragments of glass

round stone circles mark most graves
only the influential rest in ships

women's narrow coffins contain
rings and necklaces (27)

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